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Thank you for your business! We appreciate you and strive to provide you with the best possible experience. You can find our policies below. Last updated 12/30/2021

Privacy Policy

We believe in your privacy. We do not sell your information. 

Third Parties

Griff's Oils uses thrid party cloud/server technology to store your Personally Identifiable Information. Please see the WIX privacy policy here to better understand how your information is stored. 


We collect data from our consumers in the form of cookies or information furnished by you on email subscription forms, contact forms, chat forms and/or chat boxes, user-created profiles, user accounts, and information you provide to us for service is input into our CRM. 


The information you provide as a means to contact you will be used to contact you with special offers, and advertising (within our company). If you would like to stop receiving advertisements from us, please write us at with the subject line Opt-Out and an explanation of what services you would like to stop receiving from us. Or Click Here

Sharing PII

Griff's Oils will only share your Personally Identifiable information in the commission of service to you. This includes providing shipping providers with your mailing address as input on your orders or special gifts, promotions sent from our company to you, or from you to us for returns. 


Terms Of Use

In order to continue using the Griff's Oils Website, you agree to adhere to and be bound by our terms of services as stated below. 


By using our website you agree to our cookies policy, use of cookies for gathering pertinent information pertaining to your interactions with our company through our website or other electronic means of communication. If you do not agree please leave our website after you make a request for our system to purge any information pertaining to your visit via the chat feature of our website. This helps us to know which IP address needs to be removed from the system. Contacting us by email to perform this task may take up to 60 days to complete unless required by law to comply with the request within a specific time frame. 


Griff's Oils is an online store that produces custom oil fragrances inspired by named brand fragrances but not in an effort to clone or reproduce the fragrance and infringe upon any protected formula's scents or brand images. At the request of the creator of any images used on our website, we will remove the images in question. 


Griff's Oils is not responsible for misplaced orders on the part of the consumer. At the sole discretion of the owner, billing,  or head of the returns department, Griff's Oils may refuse to replace orders which have been improperly ordered, are unverifiable due to the customer not having proper information, and/or stolen when direction from the ordering party was followed. 

Griff's Oils Reserves the right to provide store credit instead of a refund on all orders. 

Shipping & Returns

Our goal is to provide the best experience. Our shipping policy has been put into place to discourage those who seek to take away from the productivity and growth of our business as well as to protect the interest of our clients and provide insight into shipping expectations. 

Order Processing

Order processing takes place within 48-72 of the order being placed, not including weekends. Once your order is processed you will receive a shipping notification with tracking details as they become available. 

Shipping Rates

Shipping rates are the individual rates charged for shipping your Griff's Oils order to you or the destination you choose. These rates are non-refundable and if for any reason you choose to expedite your shipping and the package does not come on time, you must contact the shipping provider to track your order or make notice of discrepancies and projected shipment availability. 

Shipping Liabilities

Once Griff's Oils submits your package to the courier/shipping service and they take hold of your items, griffs oils is no longer responsible for your order being lost or damaged. If you will be having your package shipped to an area or region where packages are commonly misplaced or stolen, we advise you to ship your order to a friend's or loved ones home in a location where you know you will be able to have someone available to retrieve it on delivery.  Otherwise, please contact the shipping provider and make a complaint about your order if it is available at your selected delivery location. 


Griff's Oils does not allow returns due to Covid, however, in the rare chance that your order was damaged or incorrect and a return is required please ship it to:

Griff's Oils

10210 S Dolfield Road Suite C207

Owings Mills, MD 21117

Attn: Damaged Order

Please contact us prior to shipping your order at with images and an explanation of why a return is required. If there is a leak, please repackage the item to prevent spilling and possible retention of the package with shipping providers for suspicious substances. 

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