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The Full Story

Griff's Oils was started by Shawntia Griffin in 2014 under guidance from a friend and mentor Mr. David "Dai Rock" Armstrong. After working part-time at a supermarket and being a new mother, she knew she needed to supplement her income and asked if she could help Mr. Dai Rock on her off days to provide support to his business while creating additional revenue for herself. She was eager to learn the business and her years of excellent customer service skills helped to make Mr. Dai Rock's business stronger as clients flocked to Shawntia's personality and genuity. 

Shawntia was able to control crowds of people while still providing each customer with a personal experience. Mr. Dai Rock was in awe of how quickly Shawntia was able to capture the art of the oil business he quickly supported her in opening up her own shop that has now become The Griff's Oils you know and love. 

A Word From The Founder

"This company is built on trust, honesty, and compassion for the well-being of others. While mental health challenges are at an all-time high, we understand the importance of every interaction and the need for a little extra love in this world, so we have sought out to benefit you through multiple facets. First, we know this, when you smell good, you feel good so we provide access to high-quality fragrances that last for the entire day. Secondly, we know that scents influence our moods and can help to relieve depression, which is so prevalent especially since the start of the Covid -19 pandemic, so we study how we can infuse all natural fragrance extracts in our scents to promote mental clarity, reduce anxiety, and relieve depression. Thirdly, we want to provide the empowerment we know is needed, so we add a little something extra in every order, to be a source of light in this often dark world."


P.S. We love you and want you to feel good physically, emotionally, and mentally! 

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Our mission is to motivate people through scents that stimulate mental and emotional wellbeing. 




We envision a world where we are able to empower people and make them more confident through scent. We want to be a source of relief and inspiration for all of our clients. 

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